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Writing for Greeting Card Companies

Find out about this freelance work from home opportunity

writing for greeting card companies

Writing for greeting card companies is a rewarding way of earning income at home.

There are an estimated three thousand greeting card publishers in North America, England and Australia. Many of these companies use freelance greeting card writers and are constantly looking for fresh ideas and concepts. Find out if writing greeting cards is the right home business idea for you.

  • What can I expect to earn writing greeting cards? The amount you can expect to earn writing for greeting card companies depends on your writing skills, initiative, knowledge of the greeting card market and industry and the time you commit to the work. The greeting card company writer's guidelines will tell you how much they pay per idea or verse they buy. This ranges between $50 and $150 on average. There are no guarantees but there is the opportunity to make good money from home writing greeting cards.
  • What equipment do I need to write greeting cards from home? Writing greeting cards can successfully be carried out from your own home. All you need is a computer with internet connection and lots of good ideas!
  • What skills and abilities are need to be a greeting card writer? People who are successful in this freelance home business are usually creative and imaginative people who love words and understand what buyers are looking for in greeting cards.
  • How do I get started writing for greeting card companies? Greeting card companies have their own particular guidelines for submissions. Get a list of reputable greeting card publishers and contact them to find out how you can submit samples of your writing. Visit The Greeting Card Association website - www.greetingcard.org - to get a list of greeting card companies. Try to find the book "The Writer's Handbook", published by The Writer,Inc. in Boston,MA. in your local library. This book lists greeting card companies that use freelance writers. The trade magazine "Greetings" provides specific company information. This website page lists a number of greeting card companies that accept writing submissions. Greeting Card Jobs.
Writing for greeting card companies can be a profitable home business opportunity. If you are creative and love working with words and ideas you can enjoy successful and rewarding freelance work from home.

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The Greeting Card Business

  • 7 billion greeting cards are sold each year in the US
  • The average US household purchases 30 individual cards a year
  • Over 90 percent of all US households buy greeting cards
  • Many greeting card companies seek freelance writing submissions

Writing greeting cards is an exciting opportunity to earn income at home

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