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Useful information about a home based secretarial business

typing jobs from home

Typing jobs from home can be a profitable work at home business.

However there are an increasing number of scam typing offers on the internet. The best way to avoid these scams is to establish your own clients and typing jobs by starting a home based secretarial business. This is a good way of making sure that the work from home typing and clerical work you get is for legitimate businesses who will pay fairly for the work you do.

Use the following practical advice and information on doing secretarial work from home.

  • What you need to start a secretarial business from home. All the equipment you need to start a small secretarial business is a computer connected to a printer with internet access, proper software such as Microsoft Office, a phone with an answering machine or voicemail, and preferably a scanner or fax machine. You need to have accurate typing skills, a good working knowledge of the relevant software and a commitment to work hard and meet time frames. You will also need a quiet place to work. Find out about Home Office Design Ideas.
  • What sort of typing work can you do from home? There is a wide range of typing and clerical services that companies and individuals look to outsource. Typing jobs from home can include setting up and preparing reports, typing letters and mailing labels, preparing standard forms, typing invoices, typing manuscripts, brochures, newsletters, manuals, presentations, resumes and proposals. Other clerical work from home includes data entry, answering incoming mail and emails and processing orders.
  • Looking online for work from home typing. This area is riddled with scams. You need to be aware of scams and know how to spot them. Find out more at Data Entry Jobs at Home and know the red flags to look for. Sourcing your own home secretarial work from legitimate businesses is the best way to avoid getting caught in one of these scams and is not too difficult if you know how and where to look for secretarial work from home.
  • How to source work from home typing jobs and establish a client base. Use this practical guide to Home Secretarial Work. Find out about how to advertise your secretarial business, where to look for work from home typing jobs and clerical work, the possible markets for this type of home business and choosing and registering your business name.
  • Pricing your services. Find out how to price your services and get paid fairly for the typing jobs from home that you do.This is an essential part of running a successful home based secretarial business. It can be difficult to know how to price the typing jobs from home that you do, use these guidelines to help you.

What rates can you charge? Find out about pricing your work at Home Based Secretarial Business

How to advertise and market your typing business at Home Secretarial Work

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typing jobs from home

Start a secretarial service and earn income at home

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Earning income at home with your own secretarial business

  • Learn how to advertise and market your home business and get typing jobs at home from legitimate businesses
  • Know how to get rewarded fairly for the secretarial work from home you do
  • Find out how to name and register your home based secretarial business
  • Get advice on setting up your home office

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