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Starting a Tutoring Business

What do I need to start a tutoring service?

starting a tutoring business

Starting a tutoring business can be a rewarding way of making money from home. There is a growing demand for tutoring from math tutors to science tutors to reading tutors.

You can do in-home tutoring or tutoring online.
You can decide the type of tutoring you want to do and the client base with which you'd prefer to work.
As the owner of your own tutoring business you can enjoy the satisfaction of helping others while making a solid profit from your tutoring jobs.

Find out what you need to start a successful tutoring service and whether this is the right home business idea for you.

What skills and experience do I need to become a tutor?

  • There are no special qualifications required to become a tutor other than a desire to help others and a good knowledge of your subject area. There are no special licensing requirements to become a tutor. You do need an aptitude for instructing and guiding others and knowledge of effective teaching techniques. It is preferable to hold a college degree and to have had some experience in teaching or assisting students with learning, homework or test preparation.
  • The level of acceptable qualification depends on the level and type of tutoring you are offering. You need an appropriate level of academic knowledge for the students you are tutoring.
  • It is important that you have the right credentials to present yourself as a tutor. These can include any relevant certifications, proof of training and qualifications, a good resume and letters of reference.
  • In addition a good tutor requires patience and understanding and should be reliable and punctual. Good organizational skills are necessary for successfully starting a tutoring business.
  • As a tutor you will be required to find out the latest syllabus and texts being used for the subjects you are offering to ensure that your tutoring is relevant and aligned with current education programs.
What resources and investment are needed for starting a tutoring business?
  • A tutoring business requires very little investment upfront. Students generally use their own textbooks so the only start up costs that you need to consider are advertising costs, travel costs if you are tutoring outside your home and some basic office supplies.
  • Advertising for tutoring jobs can be done with a very small budget - go to how to find Tutoring Jobs to learn how to market your tutoring service. Once you have established your reputation as a good tutor you will receive many word of mouth referrals which cost nothing! Tutoring is an in demand service and it is not difficult to find tutoring jobs if you offer and provide a professional service.
  • You do not require a specific home office for starting a tutoring business. You can work from your kitchen or dining room table, travel to the client's home, meet in the local library or community center.
How much can I earn as a tutor?

This depends on how much you tutor, what and who you tutor and where you live. It seems that the average rate for a tutor is about $25 - $35 an hour but this can vary greatly according to your qualifications and location. Different rates can be charged for groups and one-to-one attention. Go to Starting a Tutoring Service to find out more about tutoring rates.

There are two options for becoming a tutor. To work for an established tutoring service or to start your own tutoring business. There are definite benefits to starting your own tutoring business but there are also some disadvantages that you need to consider. To find out which is the best tutoring option for you go to Start your own Tutoring Business.

While you do not need a license to be a tutor you may need a business license or permit to operate a home based business. Go to Small Business Licenses to find out more.

Starting a tutoring business is a rewarding and challenging home based business opportunity. It requires little initial investment and is inexpensive to run.

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A tutoring service allows you to work your own hours and to earn income at home while helping others.

starting a tutoring business

Starting a tutoring business is a rewarding home business idea

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Why starting a tutoring business is a good home business idea

  • A growing demand for tutors fueled by increasing competition for college programs, the "No Child Left Behind" initiative and tight funding for public education
  • Demand for tutors at all levels from elementary school through to college level.
  • Minimal start up and running costs
  • No specific home office needed and few resources required
  • Rewarding work helping children and students to achieve their potential
  • An established client base translates into constant work
  • The more hours you put in the more money you can earn

A tutoring service is a simple to start home business

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