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Selling Greeting Cards

How do I market and sell my homemade greeting cards?

selling greeting cards

Your guide to selling greeting cards. Making your own greeting cards is becoming more and more popular and handmade cards are in demand for all occasions.

Making and selling homemade greeting cards can be a rewarding work at home opportunity.

Find out how to price your cards at Greeting Card Home Business

Use these tips and advice to help you market and sell your greeting cards from home.

  • Develop promotional material. Before you start your marketing you will need to design and print business cards. Think of a good name for your greeting card home business and develop promotional material such as flyers or brochures that show samples of your greeting cards. You can create a document on the computer using photographs of your greeting cards and print it using a high end color printer.
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    Make Your Own Business Cards
    Make a Flyer
  • Gift stores. This is a good starting point for selling your greeting cards. Find local gift stores that sell similar items to your handmade greeting cards. For example a high end gift shop with other hand-crafted items may be the right outlet for your unique hand crafted cards. Visit the store with samples and promotional material.
  • Craft fairs. Simply rent a booth at local craft fairs. Set up an attractive display of your greeting cards. Hand out your advertising material. Find out About Craft Shows. Local craft stores often sell handmade items on consignment.
  • Create a website. This is an option that you may want to use for selling greeting cards once your greeting card home business is better established. Building a website to showcase your homemade greeting cards and to obtain orders is not difficult. Go to Making Your Own Website
  • Partner with other businesses. Offer your cards at a special price to other small businesses that offer gift services and gift baskets.
  • Send your own Thank You cards out. Send one of your Thank You cards to people you deal with professionally and personally. Networking is a good way to advertise your product.
  • Approach local businesses. A number of companies send out greeting cards as a way of building good customer relations. Make an appointment and take along samples of your work. Discuss making customized greeting cards for the company. Realtors, insurance agents and beauty salons amongst others send greeting cards to valued customers. Approach bridal stores and ask to leave samples of wedding invitation and wedding stationery and your contact details.
  • Presentation and packaging. The way you package and present you greeting cards is key to success in selling greeting cards. A homemade card that is neatly and professionally presented will sell far quicker. Presenting your greeting cards in some sort of packaging also has the advantage of protecting the cards when they are looked at and handled. If you are making gift packs of handmade greeting cards make sure they are beautifully and distinctly wrapped. You can include your business card in the package.

  • Label your greeting cards. A label or stamp on the back of each card with your business details will get you further orders.
  • eBay. Consider opening an account and selling greeting cards on eBay. Decide which themes you are going to sell. For example Flower Greeting Cards or Green Greeting Cards. Package the greeting cards into groups of four or five for each auction to facilitate faster sales.
  • Other online marketplaces where you can sell your greeting cards include Etsy and Artfire. Find out about more about Selling Cards Online
  • Hold a home party. Organize your own home party to display and sell your greeting cards. Partner with other home businesses who have home parties such as candles, soaps, jewelry, lingerie.
  • Advertise locally. Consider placing adverts in the local paper, church magazine, local club and organization newsletters, school newletters etc.
  • Word of mouth Word of mouth is a great marketing tool. Discuss your greeting card business with everyone you come into contact with! Show your hairdresser, your vet, your dentist samples of your work. Ask if you can leave your promotional material. Providing a quality product at a reasonable price will ensure sales.
Everyone loves a beautiful greeting card. Be creative about selling greeting cards and be persistent! Building any home business takes time and commitment. Make unique and well crafted greeting cards, price them properly, keep on working at it and your home business will succeed.

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selling greeting cards

Earn income from home making and selling greeting cards

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About greeting cards

  • 7 billion greeting cards are sold each year in the US alone
  • The average US household purchases 30 different greeting cards a year
  • Over 90 percent of all US households buy greeting cards
  • Women purchase the majority of greeting cards
  • The average person receives around 20 cards a year, mostly birthday cards
  • Handmade greeting cards are considered more meaningful and special

Making handmade greeting cards is a creative and rewarding way to earn extra income at home

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