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proofreading rates

Knowing what proofreading rates to charge can be tricky.

Payment for freelance proofreading jobs can vary significantly depending on what has to be proofread (the subject-matter and format) and the employer. Proofreading technical or specialized content will pay more than proofreading general content. Rates can also vary according to the amount of experience the freelancer has. We provide some general guidelines on rates for freelance proofreading.

  • Hourly rates. General proofreading rates range from a low of about $15 per hour to the more standard $25 -$30 an hour to a high of $50 an hour for a specialized proofreading job. As a guide an experienced proofreader should be able to proofread 8 -12 pages of text in an hour depending on the type of content and the quality of the document. It is sometimes difficult to assess how long a particular proofreading job will take without reviewing the entire text and in these cases it may be better to charge proofreader rates per page. This way the client knows upfront exactly how much the completed proofreading job will cost and there are no suprises when you present him or her with your bill.
  • Proofreading rates per page. Again this varies enormously depending on what you are proofreading but freelance proofreaders can expect to earn anything between $2 to $12 per page. Check the amount of words per page and the complexity of the content for each proofreading job before setting your proof reading rates per page. The number of words on a page can vary considerably depending on font size, graphics, headings and the layout. The industry standard for a page is 250 words. Some proofreading services charge the client per word.
  • Expenses. Freelance proofreading costs include paper, e-mail, internet costs, fax charges and any reference material you need to have. It is important to have a minimum amount that you are prepared to work for taking into consideration your expenses and the value of your time and expertise.
  • Deadlines. If the proofreading job has a very tight deadline be sure you can meet the time requirements. Some publishers will pay premium for an exceptionally quick turnaround time for the proofreading job.
Some clients are more comfortable with a per-word or per-page rate, others prefer a per-hour option. You will need to assess each job individually and determine your proofreader rates according to all the available criteria and information. It is always advisable to see a sample of the work to be proofread so that you can see what needs to be done before setting your proofreading rates.

Freelance proofreading can be a rewarding and profitable way to earn income at home. Find out more about this work from home idea using these free guides.

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Establishing the right freelance proofreading rates is key to profitability

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Why freelance proofreading is a good way to earn income at home

  • A growing demand for freelance proofreaders
  • A variety of proofreading jobs from home available
  • Minimal start up costs and low risk involved
  • Schedule your own time
  • Great work for people who have a love of words
  • The more hours you put in the greater the rewards

Work from home proofreading is a profitable at home career

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