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Money Making Craft Ideas

Good ideas for earning income from homemade crafts

money making craft ideas

Money making craft ideas to help you turn inspiration into income! Depending on your skills and interests you can start a successful home based craft business and make money while having fun.

A number of these crafts can be learned. As long as you are enthusiastic and enjoy being creative you can start a successful small business selling your homemade crafts. If one of these money making craft ideas appeals to you read the free guide for more information.

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Here are some other inspiring ideas for making money with crafts.

  • Picture Framing There is always a demand for framing. You need a good work table and basic framing equipment including cutters, clamps, saws, heavy duty hand stapler and a hand operated drill to get started. Other framing materials you will use include tape and glue and mounting boards. You will need samples of the frames or moldings you will offer. Sometimes suppliers let you have these for free. You can purchase used equipment to save money. Find framing shops that are closing down or do an internet search for used framing equipment. You also need to have some knowledge about framing techniques. This can be easily learned. Find out about local framing workshops where you can learn different picture framing techniques. A number of small local or community colleges offer framing classes. Many cities have framing and art suppliers who offer framing classes. Once you understand how to use the framing tools you can also teach yourself new framing methods.
  • Paper Making There is a renewed interest in homemade papermaking crafts. Handmade paper is very popular for making cards, creating invitations, scrapbooking and writing notes. It is inexpensive and rewarding to make. The techniques are simple and you can learn through paper making workshops, instruction books from your local library, online tutorials and various websites. Once you have mastered the basic technique you can have fun trying out different fibres and colors. Get creative and add different items to your pulp mixture such as flower heads, petals, seeds and scraps of material. Use your paper to create beautiful greeting cards, bookmarks, menus, invitations and gift tags. There is a whole world of entrepreneurial possibilities for your handmade paper!
  • Fabric Crafts Fabric crafts involve using different fabric pieces to create a number of interesting, pretty and useful items. Items that can be made from fabric scraps and remnants include hair scrunchies, covered headbands, bags and totes, aprons, pillowcases, cushion covers, bean bags, soft toys, placemats, table runners, wall hangings, gift bags, fabric covered storage and gift boxes, dolls clothes, stuffed toys, padded coathangers, laundry bags, scented sachets, dust covers for small appliances and dish cozies. There are many wonderful items you can create with a bit of flair and leftover fabric pieces.
  • Making and Selling Quilts Quilting is a huge hobby industry. However to create a full size quilt is a big investment of your time. One way to make money with quilting is to diversify and create smaller items. Consider quilts for baby cots, quilted placemats, wall hangings, quilt bags, lap quilts, quilted pillows and even pet quilts. You can also make custom quilts that are commissioned by customers. With a commission quilt you have the security of knowing you will be well paid for your efforts. There are a number of ways to make money from your quilting skills. Use your imagination and create a successful small quilting business.

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There has never been a better time for starting a small crafts business from home. Turn your skills and creativity into income with these money making craft ideas.

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Make money from home with your handmade crafts

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Money Making Craft Ideas

  • Selling crafts can be a profitable home business
  • Use your creativity and imagination to earn extra income
  • What types of crafts do you enjoy and are good at?
  • Many crafts can be learned and are low cost to get going
  • Enjoy a rewarding and profitable home crafts business

Put your skills and creativity to good use with your own crafts business

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