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Making Jewelry at Home

Starting a jewelry making home business

making jewelry at home

Making jewelry at home may be a wonderful home business opportunity for you. Have fun designing and creating homemade jewelry and enjoy making money from home. Creating beautiful handmade jewelry is easier than you think and there is always a demand for special and unique jewelry items.

Here are some great tips for starting a jewelry making business.

    making jewelry at home
  • Focus on popular and fashionable jewelry styles Study jewelry trends and styles, find out what is popular and what sells well. Find a style or niche that appeals to your artistic sense but also makes good business sense. Resources for finding out about fashionable jewelry and the latest trends include magazines, retail outlets, fashion boutiques, on line jewelry and fashion sites such as the Jewelry Information Center at www.jic.org, Fashion Era at www.fashion-era.com or visit well known jewelry designers' websites such as Harry Winston at www.harry-winston.com and Bill Barnes at www.billbarnes.com. Alternatively visit the websites for major retailers like Nieman Marcus and Barneys. Hot trends for 2010 include multi-media necklaces, chandelier and flutter earrings, cuff bracelets and creative headbands.
  • Find out everything you can about different jewelry making materials Having a good knowledge of the different materials that can be used in jewelry making will help you define the type of jewelry you want to create. There is an ever growing range of media that can be used in homemade jewelry including wire, glass, metal, clay and fiber. Know exactly what jewelry making tools and equipment you need. Basic tools for making jewelry at home include a flush cutter (from about $8 for an economy cutter to $30 for a permium cutter) for cutting wire, round nose pliers (from about $10) for making loops and chain nose pliers (from about $15 upwards) for holding and bending wire. Basic toolkits sell from about $30. Prices vary greatly according to make and quality. Carefully consider your particular requirements and your budget before you go shopping, it is easy to be persuaded to buy tools and equipment that are not necessary. It is always advisable to start small and invest in more equipment as your business grows.
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  • Take a jewelry making class There are many resources for learning new techniques for making jewelry at home. You can find out about local jewelry making classes at jewelry supply stores - particularly bead stores, community colleges, local adult education offices. Check with your community centers and YMCAs. Visit the Lapidary Journal website at www.lapidaryjournal.com for information on jewelry making schools and classes. On-line jewelry making course and tutorials are another option. Visit www.jewelrylessons.com or www.beadeducation.com Find out more about learning How to Make Jewelry
  • Buy quality jewelry making supplies It is advisable to initially source your supplies locally so that you can examine the materials and get to know the vendor directly. Once you are familiar with the types of supplies that work well for you you can go on line to source them. List the type of jewlery supplies you will need such as beads, wire, thread, cord, findings. What tools do you need? Know exactly what you are looking for before you go shopping so that you don't buy excess supplies. Find out more about sourcing and buying Jewelry Making Supplies
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making jewelry at home

Turn your passion for jewelry into a profitable home business

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A Home Based Jewelry Business

  • Get creative and find a good niche market for your jewelry creations
  • Everyone loves jewelry - craft something unique and special and stand out from the competition
  • Look around you to find new jewelry making ideas
  • Take every opportunity to learn new jewelry making techniques
  • Making jewelry at home is a fun and rewarding home business opportunity

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