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Lawn Care Flyers

Create flyers that get you customers

lawn care flyers

Lawn care flyers are one of the simplest ways to reach your target market. You can even design and print your own flyers using a home computer. This an inexpensive and effective way to get customers for your lawn care service.

Use these proven tips and techniques to create successful lawn care flyers.
  • Come up with a catchy headline You only have a few seconds to get the reader's attention. Keywords that grab the reader's interest include You, Your, New, Now, Discover, How, Easy. Effective headlines immediately answer the reader's question "What's in it for me?" That's why flyer headlines like these work well.
    Your Simple Solution to a Perfect Lawn
    A New Affordable Lawn Care Service
    You Can Depend on Greenfields Lawn Care
    Now a Lawn Care Service You Can Trust
    How to Have a Lush & Green Lawn
    Now Quality Lawn Care You Can Afford
    Discover the Secret to a Beautiful Lawn
    Now You Can Stop Worrying About Your Yard
    A Healthy Green Lawn the Easy Way
  • Choose a good graphic A single large image is more effective that a number of smaller ones. Center your image in the top half of the page to provide visual focus. High resolution stock images can be bought online from about a $1.
  • Write short and punchy text Briefly and clearly state the most importane facts about your lawn care service. Lawn care flyers that use bullet points in the text work well. Tell the reader why they should use your service, what sets you apart from the competition. Include keywords like quality, complete, simple, affordable, convenient, efficient, trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable, expert, experienced, dependable, guaranteed, customized and professional. You can also list your services - weeding, trimming, mulching, aeration etc.
  • Include testimonials One or two brief endorsements of your lawn care service will inspire confidence in potential customers. Include the full name of the person who provided the testimonial to give credibility.
  • Have a call to action Motivate the reader to respond to your flyer as quickly as possible. A limited time special offer or discount is one good way to create a sense of urgency. A $X discount for this month only.
  • Contact details Clearly list your contact details with at least two ways to get hold of you.
  • Smart flyer distribution Your flyers are effective if you do your research and target your potential customers both geographically and demographically. Your target market for lawn care services includes busy professionals, dual income households, seniors and the suburban middle class. Hand out your flyers at targeted venues and buildings such as schools, day care centers, seniors centers, libraries, office buildings, home improvement stores and sports clubs and gyms.
Find out how to create your own lawn care flyers at Make a Flyer

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Flyers are cost effective advertising tools for your lawn care service

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Lawn Care Flyers

  • Focus on how your service will benefit the reader
  • Highlight what gives you the competitive edge
  • Speak directly to your potential customer
  • Include limited time special offers to motivate the reader to respond
  • Distribute your flyers after careful research into your target market

Flyers are an affordable way to reach a large customer base

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