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How to start a lawn care service

lawn care business

A lawn care business can be a great home based business opportunity. It is inexpensive and quick to set up and relatively simple to run. There is a growing demand for lawn care services and your potential business market is huge.

  • What does a lawn care service do? The basics of a lawn care service include lawn mowing and maintenance, weeding and fertilizing, pest control, trimming and edging. Before you start your business decide on what services you are going to offer. This is largely going to be determined by the equipment you have and your current level of knowledge and skill. When you first start you may want to do strictly mowing, weed eating and removal of clippings. As your business grows and you are able to purchase additional equipment and learn more about garden and lawn care you can add more services. Find out the additional services you can offer at Starting own Lawn Care Business
  • What skills do I need to start a lawn care service? You need to have experience in mowing and trimming as well as some knowledge about lawn care. Your basic gardening knowledge can easily be supplemented by learning more about gardening techniques and lawn maintenance. Research relevant internet sites or get books from your local library. You should be physcially fit. You need to perform physical work, often in the sun, for long periods of time. Often you will need to carry heavy gardening equipment. Basic business management skills will help you to successfully run your small business.
  • What equipment do I need? As far as equipment goes you can start small and add equipment as your business grows. By offering basic services initially you can keep the equipment and operating costs low. Basic equipment to start a light-weight lawn care business includes a mower, blower, timmers, trailer, edgers, broom, rake, shovel, wheelbarrow and safety equipment such as boots, goggles and gloves. You will need a van or trailer to transport your lawn care equipment. You can purchase equipment you don't have, such as weed-eaters, second hand. Look in the newspaper and visit local yard sales and pawn shops to find used equipment. Renting equipment is another option. This allows you some flexibility and will help you make the decision about exactly what equipment you really need to buy. When you first start your lawn care service, renting your equipment can make good business sense. It gives you the opportunity to test the services you are offering without too much of an investment. Just remember that you will need a back up plan if your equipment goes into the shop for repair or servicing.
  • How much will it cost to start?
    You can start small and grow your business. Your initial costs can be limited to some business cards and flyers, a walk-behind mower, trimmer and blower. It is advisable to buy basic business insurance including liability insurance. Find out about Lawn Care Service Insurance
  • How much money can I earn with a lawn care service? This depends on how many hours you put in and where your business is located. Find out more about setting lawn care rates at Starting Own Lawn Care Service
  • Where do I find my customers? This is the most difficult part of starting a lawn care business. Eventually word of mouth should become your best source of business but you need to get those first customers. The market for lawn care is both residential (homes) and commercial(business parks, schools etc). The residential market is easier to enter into and can be your starting point. Generally the commercial market is serviced by larger, well established lawn care companies. Although there are a number of small lawn care companies servicing the residential market they often lack reliability, quality and professionalism. By sticking to your schedule and providing quality service you will already be ahead of a number of these small businesses. Your target market includes homeowners who are out all day or frequently away, two income families, seniors who are not able to physcially do their own lawn care any longer and homeowners who do not want the hassle of lawn care. Other potential customers include realtors and property management companies who employ lawn care services to maintain their rentals and properties. Condominium managers outsource the lawn care for their property. Find out how to stand out from the competition at Starting a Lawn Care Service.
    Know how to effectively promote your business at Lawn Care Advertising
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A lawn care business can be a very profitable and rewarding small business opportunity. Put your skills and enthusiasm to good use and enjoy all the benfits of having your own business.

lawn care business

Make money with a successful lawn care service

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Lawn Care Services

  • Get your business started in a very short period of time
  • The benefit of low start up costs
  • 50 million US homeowners maintain residential lawns
  • A growing demand for lawn care services
  • The opportunity to expand your business as your customer base grows
  • A simple to run business

Set your lawn care service above the competition by providing a realiable and quality service

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