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Lawn Care Advertising

How to get customers for your lawn care service

lawn care advertising

Lawn care advertising can be both affordable and very effective. There are a number of tried and tested ways to get customers for your lawn care service.

How to advertise and promote your lawn care business. Consider your budget and your target market when deciding on the best way to reach potential customers.
  • Business Name Choose a catchy and memorable business name that sets you apart from the competition. Find out more at Lawn Care Business Names
  • Business Cards Get business cards for your lawn care service. You can create your own business cards with a limited budget. Find out how at Make Your Own Business Cards. Hand out your business cards to all potential customers.
  • Lawn care advertising door hangers Door hangers are an excellent direct marketing tool. Your message reaches your potential customer instantly. Find out how to create affordable Lawn Care Door Hangers
  • Flyers These provide another good opportunity to reach your target market directly. An eye catching flyer that gets the reader's interest is one of the most cost effective ways to get the word out about your lawn care service. Find out more at Lawn Care Flyers
  • Vehicle advertising Maximise the advertising opportunity your vehicle provides. Get car magents for each side of your vehicle. They cost about $10 each for small magnets and can be ordered online from any number of print companies. You will be a great traveling advertisement for your lawn care business. Magnets on the rear end of your vehicle or trailer are very effective. People have no choice but to notice them when stuck behind you in traffic! Make sure your sticker or magnet is clutter free, easy to read and has all the necessary contact details.
  • Yard signs Have some lawn or yard signs made up with your business name and contact details. You can order yard signs from companies online. The more you order the cheaper each sign becomes. One yard sign will cost on average about $30 but 30 yard signs will cost about $15 each. Place your signs on the corners of busy streets, at current customers and with friends and family.
  • Visit realtors and property management companies Visit local realtors and property management companies with your promotional material. Look for real estate signs in your neighborhood to get contact names. Free real estate magazines are often available outside retaurants and malls. Go through these magazines and list possible contacts to visit or email. Cleaning up the yards of bank owned or foreclosed homes is another business opportunity. Speak to realtors to get contact details of companies managing these foreclosed homes.
  • Local media Traditional advertising methods still work. Placing ads in your local newspaper, community magazines and newsletters is very affordable. A number of people use the Yellow Pages to find the services they need. Seniors are more likely to use traditonal media to find a lawn care service. Local classifieds newspapers such as Thrifty Nickel provide an inexpensive way to advertise your service. These free classifieds newspapers reach a large audience and are worth trying.
  • Online Directories List your lawn care business in online lawn care company registers. Potential customers use these online directories to find service providers in their area. For a small fee or sometimes for free you are able to list your lawn care service in the directory. Examples include www.lawncaredirectory.com, www.allaboutlawns.com and www.homeservicesengine.com
  • Craigslist This is a good place for a free online advert. Place an ad in your local area section. Other free online classiified sites you can use for lawn care advertising include www.backpage.com and www.ebayclassifieds.com
  • Local online business directories You can create a free listing for your business on Google Places. When people search Google Maps for local information they will find your details. You can also create a basic business listing for free at Yahoo! Local Business. The online Yellow Pages are another option.
  • Referrals As you build a solid reputation this should become your most effective method of lawn care advertising. Be proactive and ask existing customers for the names of potential customers. If you have provided a reliable and quality service they will be happy to recommend you to friends and family. Get testimonials from your customers. These are very useful for convincing potential customers to use your lawn care service.
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Be proactive with lawn care advertising to find customers and quickly establish your lawn care service.

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Why Start a Lawn Care Service

  • You can get your lawn service business up and running and showing a profit in a short period of time
  • A lawn care business has relatively low start up costs and is low risk
  • 80% of US households have lawns and there is a strong demand for relaible lawn care services
  • Establish a reputation as a hard working professional and watch your business grow

Use lawn care advertising methods that fit your budget and your target market

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