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How to Make a Flyer

Practical tips for creating a flyer

how to make a flyer

How to make a flyer to promote and advertise your home business. A flyer is an affordable and effective way to grab attention and attract customers.

Make sure your flyer is cost effective and gets you the business you want. Use these proven techniques to successfully Create a Flyer

Follow these easy instructions on using your home computer to Make a Flyer

Here are some great tips for flyer designs:

    how to make a flyer
  • Write a snappy headline This is your best shot at capturing the reader's attention and interest. Your business should be summed up in a few hard-hitting words, preferably no more than five words. The headline should immediately tell the reader what the benefit of your product or service is to them personally. Hook the reader in straight away. Examples of powerful headlines include "The Secret to...", "Finally a solution to...", "Now you can...", "An easy answer to ...", "New help for ...", "How to ....", "Discover the ...", "...just for you", "Announcing a new ..", "See how easily you can .."
  • Use a great graphic Your image should express something that words can't. It should capture the essence of your business and tell the story of your business at one glance. Understand how to make a flyer by using a graphic that visually persuades the reader to read the flyer. A high quality image is essential to making the right impression. High resolution images are critical for a professional looking final printed flyer. You can purchase these type of images from an online stock image directory.
  • Select your text carefully Make sure the most important facts are clearly stated in brief, to the point text. Don't bury key information in lengthy, complicated writing. Use short, sharp sentences or bullet points. Research shows a significantly positive response to these three words in promotional and advertising headlines and text - "You", "New" and "How". People want to know what's in it for them so make good use of the words "You and "Your". People are interested in something they do not know about so use words like "new", "discover", "introducing", "presenting"' "now" and "latest". People want to know how to solve their problems and how to improve their lives. "How to" phrases to use include How to have, How to become, How to get rid of, How to begin, How to avoid, How to enjoy, How to increase, How to save.
  • Highlight the benefits of your product or service to the reader. When thinking about how to make a flyer for your business decide what aspect you are going to focus on. Words like handy, useful, reliable, helpful and convenient promote the utility of a product or service. Words like striking, beautiful, captivating and elegant highlight appearance while words like first-rate, choice, valuable, superior and genuine highlight quality.
  • Provide endorsements Tips for how to make a flyer include adding in testimonials or endorsements. People want evidence of the value of your product or service. You can also use words in your text that reinforce approval such as recognized, recommended, proven, popular tested, approved.
  • how to make a flyer
  • Offer incentives Free, special or discounted offers are highly persuasive marketing tools. Include a special offer coupon or voucher in the bottom quarter of the flyer - this encourages people to hold onto the flyer rather than bin it. Clearly state the time frames and conditions for the offer. When designing your special offer use words that motivate the reader to take action such as "Yours for..", "Ask for ...", 'Take advantage of...", "An opportunity to.." "Money saving offer.." , "For a limited time only.."
Knowing how to make a flyer that attracts the reader's attention and interest is not about re-inventing the wheel. These tried and tested tips will get you the business you want.

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how to make a flyer

Flyers are an effective way to reach potential customers

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How to make the most of your Flyers

  • Your distribution should target your potential customers both geographically and demographically
  • Your product, service and message determines who your potential market is
  • Focus on how your product or service can benefit the reader - what's in it for them
  • Make a flyer that speaks directly to your prospective customer
  • Advertise special offers on your flyer to increase response
  • Include a Call to Action statement to tell the reader what to do next

It is simple to learn how to make a flyer

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