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House Cleaning Rates

What should you charge for a house cleaning service?

house cleaning rates

Knowing what house cleaning rates to charge is key to starting and running a profitable cleaning business. There are a number of factors to consider when setting your cleaning or maid service prices.

Find out how to determine the right cleaning prices for your business market.

  • Decide how you are going to charge the customer There are a couple of options. Some cleaning businesses charge by the hour, others by the room, some charge by the square foot and others charge a rate per home. It is usually better to charge by the home and not by the hour. That way you do not have to justify if your cleaning took a bit longer than usual and clients usually prefer to pay a set fee and know exactly what costs to expect up front. No two houses are the same and rates should be customized for each home.
  • Hourly rates If you decide to charge by the hour, first find out what the hourly cleaning rate in your area is. Research cleaning service rates on the internet, in online local business directories such as Yahoo!Local and Craigslist. Look at cleaning service advertisements in local publications. Rates vary greatly depending on location. When working out how long a house cleaning job will take you need to consider the needs of the home owner and the size of the house. You can get a good idea of how long it takes to clean a particular room by simply using your own home as practice. Do all the cleaning duties you would perform for a customer and note the time it takes to clean each room. If a bathroom takes 20 minutes then multiply that by the number of bathrooms you have to clean and so on.
  • Rate per home When estimating the rate for each home consider the square footage of the home, the layout of the home including the number of bathrooms, the size of the kitchen etc. Also consider the number of people in the house particularly children. Younger kids can generate a lot more mess. Pets also contribute to the amount of cleaning required. Find out all these details before quoting a rate.
  • Different rates It is acceptable to charge different house cleaning rates for different neighborhoods. Just make sure your rates are competitive for that particular area. You can also adjust your house cleaning rates according to how often the customer utilizes your cleaning service. You can give a discount if the customer signs up for a more frequent service - the more often the house is cleaned the less work for you each visit.
  • Avoid undercharging New businesses tend to undercharge to get their first customers. If your rates are too low customers will perceive your work to be sub-standard. You need to set a fair rate for the work you do. You want to build a client base of people who can afford to pay the right amount for your house cleaning services and not get stuck with unprofitable customers. Stay competitive but you can offer a little extra for that rate such as sanitizing phone receivers and light switches - areas that can harbor serious germs. A cleaning service in Boston cleverly teamed up with a local food partner and delivers pre-paid healthy meals to customers' refrigerators when they do the cleaning.
  • Maximize your profits Add additional cleaning and home care services to your business. Include tasks such as polishing silver, washing windows, garage cleaning. Find out about carpet cleaning. What about pet sitting, garden care, pond or pool cleaning?
  • Draw up a quote sheet Develop a professional looking quote sheet that you can give to potential customers detailing the house cleaning rates for a specific home. Customers may request a quote to check how competitive your rates are before offering you the job.
  • Draw up a house cleaning agreement Always have a house cleaning agreement in place that clearly lists the cleaning duties you will perform for the customer and the payment details. This helps prevent any payment and performance disputes. It also means that if you undertake any additional cleaning duties such as window and wall cleaning or cleaning the oven you can charge extra. According to costhelper.com oven or refrigerator cleaning runs at around $25. The agreement should also state who is reponsible for supplying cleaning products and equipment. Remember to include the costs of your cleaning supplies in your house cleaning rates if you are providing your own.

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house cleaning rates

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Why start a house cleaning business?

  • Ever increasing earning power - you can grow your house cleaning service to the size you want
  • Makes money quickly - you can start earning an income with your first cleaning jobs
  • Low start-up costs - you can equip a cleaning service with little outlay
  • Organize your own day - take charge of your own working hours

House cleaning is a profitable home business idea

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