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House Cleaning Flyers

How to create a successful flyer for your home cleaning business

house cleaning flyers

House cleaning flyers are an affordable and effective way to advertise and promote your house cleaning service.

Flyers can be used to specifically target your potential customers in local areas making them an ideal direct advertising tool. You can print your own flyers using a home computer. Proper planning and design of your flyer will ensure that it gets noticed and brings you the customers you want.

Use these proven tips and techniques to design winning house cleaning flyers.

  • Decide on a eye-catching headline Your best chance of getting the reader's attention is to create a great headline. The benefit of your cleaning service should be clearly highlighted in your headline. Research shows that readers respond positively to these five words in promotional headlines - You, Your, New, Now and How. Examples of effective headlines for your flyer include Your Solution to a Spotless Home , You Relax and We Clean, Now a Cleaning Service You Can Trust, How to Get Shot of the Dirty Work and A New Affordable Cleaning Service. Your headline should immediately answer the customer's question "What's in it for me?" Asking a question can also create an effective headline. Examples include Tired of Cleaning Up?, Want to Relax When You Get Home?, Need a Helping Hand? and No time to Clean? Avoid making the mistake of using your business name as the headline as this usually does not motivate the customer to read any further.
  • Select a good graphic Your image should send the message you want to convey about your house cleaning business. A single large picture is more effective than a number of smaller images. The image should be centered in the top half of the page to create a strong visual focus. You can scan your own photo or purchase high resolution stock images from online stock image sites.
  • Write your text Your text should state the important facts about your business clearly and briefly. Complicated and wordy text quickly loses the reader's interest. When designing house cleaning flyers use short sentences or bullet points to tell the reader why they should use your cleaning service. Decide which aspects of your service you are going to focus on. Words like convenient, affordable, efficient, trustworthy, reliable, complete, helpful, quality, time-saving, first-rate, professional all represent good reasons why the reader should use your service.
  • Include testimonials Genuine endorsements about your cleaning service are always a valuable marketing tool. They provide concrete evidence of the value of your service. Include the full name of the person providing the testimonial for credibility.
  • Include a Call to Action statement Motivate the reader to take action and call you now. Offering limited time special offers and discounts are good ways to persuade a customer to take action straight away. Use phrases such as Take advantage now of ....., For a limited time only .... and Save money today ....
  • Contact details Clearly list your contact information. Include your first name, your business name and at least two ways to get hold of you such as a phone number and an email address. House cleaning flyers are of little use if it is not immediately clear how to get hold of you.
  • Distribute your flyers Target your customers. Decide in which areas you will offer your house cleaning service. You can push the flyers through the potential customer's letterbox so they land on the doormat. What demographic are you targeting? Is it working mothers with young children, then distribute your flyers at day care centers. Perhaps you are targeting apartments where single working men or women live, then distribute your flyers outside large companies.
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How to Create a Flyer that works

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house cleaning flyers

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Why house cleaning flyers are effective

  • Reach your targeted customer quickly and directly
  • Send exactly the message you want your customers to read about your cleaning business
  • Make your own flyers and save money
  • Update your flyers as your business grows

House cleaning is a profitable and easy to start home business idea

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