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How to market and sell homemade soap

home made soap

Many soap makers start out making home made soap in their kitchens or basements. They sell their handmade soaps at craft fairs, gift shops and health food stores. With a unique product and clever marketing and advertising these soap makers have managed to establish successful soap making businesses.

Once you have practiced How to make Homemade Soap and perfected your soap making recipes it is time to get out there and sell your special homemade soaps. Here are some good ideas for selling handmade soap

  • Make your home made soap marketable. There is a high demand for handcrafted soap but there is also a lot of competition so your soap needs to be unique and appealing. Fortunately there are limitless possibilities when making handmade soap and it can easily be customized to meet consumer needs and demands. Homemade soaps have many advantages over commercial soap so the market already has a positive perception of handmade soaps. Make sure you are making a special handmade product that captures attention. How you package your soap is also important. Find out about unique Soap Making Ideas
  • Develop marketing material. Choose a catchy name for your home based soap business. Go to Business Name Ideas for help with this. Design and print business cards. Include a photo of your soaps or a description of why your handmade soaps are special. Design and print a flyer or brochure that showcases your handmade soaps. When you visit a local store or business leave your promotional material.
    Make Your Own Business Cards
    Make a Flyer
  • Craft fairs. Research the most popular local craft fairs and farmers markets and rent a booth to sell your home made soap. Have a good range of handmade soaps to display and sell. Discuss your soaps with customers - your soap making process, your special ingredients etc. Take orders. Hand out your business card and brochures for follow up sales. Find out Local Craft Fairs
  • Gift shops. You can sell your home made soap on consignment through gift shops. Approach local gift and novelty stores with a range of samples.
  • Health food stores. You can sell wholesale to health product retail stores that are looking for natural and hypoallergenic products.
  • Gift baskets. Market your home made soap to gift basket companies. Alternatively create your own gift baskets. Find out about How to Make Gift Baskets
  • Home parties. Host a home party where guests can buy your handmade soaps. Team up with a friend who has a home business making and selling candles or other complimentary products. Use the home party as an opportunity to explain how you make your homemade soap and why your product is unique.
  • Build a website. Once your soap making business is better established you can create a website to sell your home made soaps online. Find out more about Building Your Own Website. You can create an online presence without a website by listing your soap business in local business directories on the web. Yahoo Local Directory and Google Local Business Center provide free listings. Do a search for free local business directories.
  • Local businesses. Spas, beauty salons, hairdressers, hotels and pharmacies are all potential businesses that may sell your handmade soaps or allow you to leave samples and information about your soap making business.
  • Corporate gifts. Contact local companies and discuss using your handmade soaps for corporate gifts. Many companies use gifts to build good customer relationships including realtors, lawyers, accountants and service providers.
  • Advertise locally. Place adverts in the local paper, church magazine, school newsletter etc. Leave your business card wherever you go - your dentist, the library, the gym, schools etc.
  • eBay. Consider opening an account and selling your hand crafted soap on eBay. Package soaps into groups of four or five for each auction to facilitate faster sales.
  • Find out about selling on eBay at Starting an eBay Business.
Starting a home made soap business is simple. Making it successful takes thought and planning. With a good quality handmade product and a well thought out marketing plan you can turn your soap making hobby into a profitable home based business.

Techniques for Making Homemade Soap

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You can create your handmade soap from scratch. Go to How to Make Homemade Soap

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home made soap

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The Benefits of Homemade Soaps

  • An inexpensive and natural body care treat
  • Handmade soap is glycerin rich which nourishes the skin
  • Homemade soap has character - it smells and feels good
  • The demand for handmade soap is growing all the time
  • Limitless possibilities to customize hand crafted soaps to meet body care needs
  • Consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits of natural, non-commercial soaps

Making home made soap is a creative and rewarding way of earning extra income at home.

home made soap

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