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How to advertise your products and services within your budget

home business advertising

Home business advertising and marketing can be challenging. Home based businesses generally have limited budgets and resources when it comes to promoting their products and services but there are a number of cost effective advertising options.

Make your own Business Cards

Business cards are an essential marketing tool. You can create your own business cards at home using your computer and a desktop printer. This guide takes you step by step through the process to Make your Own Business Cards. Business cards are only of promotional value if they are used effectively and creatively. Use your business cards to build a network of business contacts and customers by following these simple steps:

  • Don't leave home without your business cards. Keep a number in your glove box as well as in your pocket, wallet or purse.
  • When you meet someone always ask them for their business card. Read their card carefully and ask some relevant questions to show genuine interest. Mention what you do and they will politely ask you for your business card in return. Hand over your card and answer any questions they may have. This is the start of establishing a possible business relationship.
  • Target your market and ask if you can leave your business cards in an attractive business card stand. For example if your home business is animal related leave your cards at veterinary practices and pet stores.
  • When you communicate with anyone in writing, including bills you pay, always include your business card. When you leave a tip in a restaurant leave your business card with it, leave them in library books as bookmarks, inside magazines at the doctors office. Get creative and use every potential opportunity to get your business card out there!

Make a Flyer

Flyers are a low cost and highly effective way to reach a wide audience and attract customers. You can create your own flyers using these easy, free guides to Make a Flyer. Get the most out of your home business advertising flyers by following these great tips.

  • Get the readers attention. Your flyers should have an attention grabbing headline and capture the reader's interest straight away. Find out how to design an effective flyer using these great design tips and techniques at How to Make a Flyer.
  • Distribute your flyers efficiently. Consider where and when your target market is likely to pick up your flyers. If you are marketing to seniors think about where they are most likely to congregate - local community centers for bingo night, local libraries and local pharmacies. If your target market is busy professionals then consider distributing your flyers at apartment complexes, offices and childcare centers. If your home based business is child related then target their parents with your home business advertising flyers at doctor's waiting rooms, local clinics, play centers, party venues.
  • Exchange promotional material with business partners. Ask a non-competitive but complementary business to distribute your flyers in exchange for you doing the same for them. For example your decor business can be promoted by the local real estate agent and visa versa. Buddy marketing gives you the opportunity to reach a whole new pool of potential customers.

Design, print and distribute door hangers

Promotional door hangers are one of the most cost effective direct marketing tools.

  • You can design a door hanger to send exactly the advertising message you want about your small or home business and then strategically distribute the door hangers to potential customers. Find out how to successfully design Advertising Door Hangers
  • The most economical option is to design your own door hanger and then get them professionally printed by a commercial printing company. There are a number of online printing companies that will print your design and ship or deliver the door hangers to you. Find out more at Print Door Hangers
  • As important as proper door hanger design is a proper distribution plan, otherwise you can waste a great deal of time and money. Find out how to get the best value from your door hangers at how to distribute Promotional Door Hangers

Create an eBay listing

If you are selling a product an eBay listing can be a fast and inexpensive way to reach potential customers. When you list your items for auction or create an eBay store you are effectively advertising your home business to whoever views the listing. You can get started selling successfully on eBay with these practical guides to Selling on eBay

Branding your home business with an effective business name is an important advertising tool. Find out more at Business Name Ideas

Get help with your home business at Home Business Information

Home business advertising can be done efficiently and effectively with little expense.

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Home Business Advertising

  • Advertising is all about getting the word out about your business and creating awareness and interest
  • If you are proactive and creative promoting your home or small business can be done with minimal expense
  • Inexpensive does not have to mean tatty or amateurish - you can create professional looking advertising material within a limited budget
  • Whatever your business, you need effective business advertising

Have fun with promoting your own business

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