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Handyman business names. Choose a memorable name for your handyman business. Get your handyman service quickly noticed and establish a popular and profitable small business.

Take these steps to find the right business name for your handyman service.
  • Brainstorm words related to handyman work Write down all the words that come to mind when you think about repair and maintenance. Use word associations. When you think about the word repair what immediately comes to mind? Words like fix, working, care, handy, help, maintenance, affordable,lasting, tools. Don't pass judgment on these words, just write them down.
  • Use all available resources When your inspiration runs out, use an online Thesaurus to help you. This is an excellent way to jump start a whole lot of new possibilities. Look up the word care and you get concern, protection, safe, trust, meticulous, respect .
  • What specific message do you want your business name to send? What do you want your business name to say about your handyman service? What unique characteristics and competencies do you want to emphasize? Which of the words on your list describe the service you offer? Highlight these words.
  • Construct possible names Take your highlighted words and try out different combinations. Which option conveys the right message about your own business? Ask your family and friends to help you decide. Does the name appeal to your target market and is easy to remember? Here is a list of handyman business names to get you going.
Business names that highlight attention careful workmanship

Your Personal Handyman
Repairs With Care
The Handy Craftsman
Quality Handyman Services
Goodwork Handyman Services

Business names that focus on a total and complete handyman service

Floor to Ceiling Handyman Services
All Home Repair Services
Complete Residential Repair Services
Handyman Plus
Total Handyman Solutions
A-Z Handyman Services

These names focus on the professionalism and expertise you provide

The Handyman Pro
Master Handyman
The Home Repair Expert
The Home Repair Specialist
Do-it-Right Handyman Services
The Ultimate Handyman

Business names that highlight your energy and enthusiasm for providing the best service to your customer

Handyman Wizard
The Maintenance Man
Handyman Help
Yes-I-Can Handyman
Anytime Handyman
Handyman on Call
24/7 Handyman

Names that send the message that you provide a trustworthy handyman service with traditional values

The House Fixer
The Home Doctor
Professional Property Maintenance
Guaranteed Handyman Services
The Essential Handyman
Affordable Handyman Services
Approved Handyman Services

Handyman business names that emphasize efficiency

Rapid Home Repairs
The Handyman Express
Right-a-Way Handyman
The Home Repair Crew
Fix-It-Fast Handyman
Good-to-Go Handyman Services

These business names suggest you provide a better service than the competition

Champion Handyman Services
First Class Home Repairs
Professional Handyman Services
Handyman Plus
Top-Notch Handyman
Simply the Best Handyman

If you want to use your own name make sure you include what your business offers a potential customer. Jack the Handyman doesn't send a message about the business but Jack's Handyman Solutions conveys the right message - a service that can solve your repair and maintenance problems.

Having a business name that includes the area in which your business is situated can work well. It personalizes the business to that area but if you expand beyond that location it can become a problem.

The next essential step to take in naming your handyman business is to find out if the name you have chosen is available. Find out how to check at How to Name a Business. If the name you have chosen is already in use you can simply add your own name to make it unique - Bill's Professional Home Repairs.

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Get the right message across with descriptive handyman business names.

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Choose a memorable handyman business name and get ready to succeed

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Handyman Business Names

  • Tells your customers what you do and how well you do it
  • Your name should be easy to say and easy to remember
  • Describes your handyman services
  • Sends the message you want about your handyman service

Brand your own business with the right business name

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