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Start a Greeting Card Business

Your Guide to making and selling homemade greeting cards

greeting card business

A greeting card business may be the perfect home business idea for you. Making and selling homemade greeting cards is a fun and rewarding way of making money at home. This is a growth industry with good income potential.

Use these guidelines to find out if this is the right home business income opportunity for you.

  • What skills and abilities are needed? You will need some creative skills to design and make greeting cards. You don't have to be great artist to make your own greeting cards as long as you enjoy being creative and are an enthusiastic craftsperson. You will need good computer skills if your are creating your greeting cards on the computer. To successfully market your greeting cards you need the ability to meet with potential customers and sell your homemade greeting cards.
    Selling Greeting Cards
  • What start up equipment is needed? Beautiful handmade greeting cards can be created with very little equipment. For a basic handmade greeting card all you need are different types of paper and craft paper, pens and pencils, cutter, glue, envelopes and some design accessories and embellishments. Find out more about the supplies you need to make Homemade Greeting Cards
    If you are going to be using a computer to design greeting cards then you will need a good graphics software package and a high end color printer.
  • What are the start up costs for a greeting card business? You can start a handmade greeting card business with a couple of hundred dollars. You need to purchase the art supplies you don't already have at home and you will also have marketing and advertising costs such as business cards and fliers. Find out about pricing your cards at Greeting Card Home Business
What are the challenges of a greeting card home business?

A greeting card making business is a wonderful work at home business opportunity for a whole range of people. However there are certain challenges that must be considered when deciding if this is the right home business idea for you.

  • Competition. There is a lot of competition from both big commercial greeting card publishers and smaller greeting card companies. The key is to find a niche market for your handmade cards. You need to provide something a little different. There are a number of potentially profitable niches for greeting cards such as environmentally friendly greeting cards. With some research and hard work you can create a good niche and a solid customer base for your homemade greeting cards - the only limit to coming up with unique designs and ideas is your imagination. View some special Greeting Card Ideas
  • Time commitment. You need to make sure you have the time available to make enough greeting cards to offer a good range to prospective customers and to fulfil orders timeously. Making the greeting cards is only part of the time needed to successfully run a greeting card business. Marketing and selling your cards, sourcing card making supplies and your small business administration also takes time and commitment.

Starting a greeting card business at home is a good way of making extra money. With imagination, hard work and perseverance your greeting card home business will grow and flourish.

Starting a Greeting Card Business

Greeting Card Supplies

Greeting Card Ideas

Pricing Greeting Cards

Selling Greeting Cards

Another way to make money from home is to become a greeting card writer. Find out more at Writing Greeting Cards

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The Greeting Card Business

  • 7 billion greeting cards are sold each year in the US
  • The average US household purchases 30 individual cards a year
  • Over 90 percent of all US households buy greeting cards
  • Women buy the majority of greeting cards
  • The average person receives about 20 cards a year, mostly birthday cards
  • Most people perceive a handmade greeting card as more meaningful
  • Companies increasingly send out greeting cards to establish good customer relations

A greeting card home business can be a rewarding opportunity to earn income at home

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