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Gift Basket Business Names

Business names ideas for your gift basket home business

gift basket business names

Catchy gift basket business names will help establish and grow any gift baskets business.

Give some serious consideration to what you want to call your gift basket business as your business name is integral to your marketing and advertising. A memorable small business name is key to attracting customers and referrals. The name you choose will define your gift basket home business so use these guidelines to selecting the right business name.

  • Decide on the image you want your business name to convey. What is your gift basket business about - are you offering quality items, are your gift baskets exclusive or unique, is abundance of items the keyword or are you offering fresh and innovative gift basket designs? Gift basket business names should show exactly what your gift baskets are all about.
  • Make it easy to remember. A business name that is easy to pronounce and that is fairly short and catchy is the most memorable. A long and complex business name is difficult to commit to memory and an outlandish or unbelievable name does not inspire confidence.
  • Choose a name that customers can visualize. A descriptive business name allows for visualization - a great selling tool. Descriptive names portray the type of gift baskets you are offering and what makes them special. Often these type of business names describe an emotion or feeling associated with the gift basket such as "Delightful Gift Baskets".
Lets look at how to come up with memorable and appropriate gift basket business names.

What are your gift baskets about and who are your potential customers?

  • Are your gift baskets going to be exclusive and special - appealing to a more discerning customer? Then you can use words like de luxe, fancy, quality, elegant, gorgeous, exclusive, special, exceptional, splendid, luxury, fabulous, exquisite, stylish, superior, premium, excellent, outstanding to describe your gift basket business. Add your description to what your business is - "gift baskets" - to come up with a memorable gift basket business name. For example Exquisite Gift Basket Designs, Exclusive Baskets, Premier Gifts, Something Special.
  • Do you plan to market your gift baskets as good value packed full of wonderful items? Then you can use descriptive words like brim-full, abundant, bountiful, generous, lavish, plenty, galore, boodles, luscious to describe your gift basket business. Gift basket business names that convey the idea of abundance include Baskets of Plenty, Bountiful Baskets, Gift Baskets Galore.
  • Do you want your business name to communicate the pleasure and joy that your gift baskets will bring? Use emotive words like happy, smile, joyful, delightful, radiant, sparkling, bewitching, sunny, blissful, merry, beaming, cheerful, dazzling. For example Sunshine Gift Baskets, Beaming Baskets, Smile Gifts, Bewitching Baskets.
  • Gift baskets celebrate special occasions. Using words in gift basket business names like celebration, festive, hoopla, momentous, jubilant, joyful create the impression of celebrating something special. Words like memorable, meaningful, unforgettable, thoughtful, heartfelt, inspirational show that your baskets are the ideal gift for significant occasions. Business names as simple as "Celebrations", "Baskets to Inspire", "Name the Occasion" or "Unforgettable Gifts" work well.
  • Your gift baskets are fresh and innovative. Descriptive words like inspired, original, breathtaking, creative, novel, ingenious, imaginative, amazing, exciting tell potential customers what your gift baskets are about.
  • You can give your gift baskets a particular trademark that can be used in your business name. For example you can tie a beautiful red ribbon on all your baskets and call your business Red Ribbon Baskets. The Red Ribbon not only identifies your gift baskets but also conveys the image of something special.

Avoid a very specific business name such as "Gourmet Gift Baskets" as this limits your business activity to food gift baskets. General descriptive gift basket business names allows your gift basket business to grow in any direction you choose. Once you are happy that the name you have chosen is just right for your gift basket home business make it legal. Find out how to Register a New Business Name

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