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flyer examples

Flyer examples - what makes a flyer effective? It is simple enough to create and print a flyer but how do you know that your flyer will bring you the customers you want? It's all in the design of the flyer- the power of the headline, the words you use and the benefits you offer the reader.

Years of research into direct marketing has shown what works. You have a couple of seconds to capture the reader's attention and you need to make the most of it. A powerful headline is the key to getting your flyer read. These are the type of headlines that work, get the reader's attention and motivate them to read further. The headline you go with will depend on your product or service and your target market.

Best Flyer Headlines

The Easy Answer to ...; A Simple Solution for ...; The Secret Solution to...; Get Rid of...; Quick Relief for... People want a quick solution to their problems, an answer to their difficulties.

Brand new...; Discover...; For the First Time...; Introducing...; Breakthough...; Now...; Great New ...; Announcing...; At Last... Introduce something new in your headline. People love to discover something unknown and exciting.

A 20% Increase in...; Research Shows...; Reduces X by X...; Scientific...; Headlines that contain facts or news-worthy information catch a reader's interest. A statement based on data and research gains the reader's confidence and gives your business credibility.

Are you Tired of...?; Are you Looking for...?; Want to save money...?; Do You Deserve...?; Do You Need...?; Make the reader think you are speaking directly and personally to them by asking them a question in the headline.

Hope for...; Advice for...; You Should Know...; Help for...; The success of headline flyer examples that contain words like "advice","hope" and "know" has often been proven. Most people want help and advice. This type of headline promises good news for the reader.

5 Reasons Why...; 2 Minutes to...; 4 New Ways to...; 3 Need-to-Know Facts....; 7 Steps to... These type of headlines promise to reveal useful information to the reader. People seem to trust headlines that include numbers.

Help Your Child Succeed...; Protect Your Family Against...; Make your Dog's Day... These headlines have strong emotional appeal. Whether you are promoting a tutoring service, natural cleaning products or a dog walking service, people are strongly motivated to do their best for those they care about.

No More Grubby Carpets; Throw Away Harmful Chemicals; Get Rid of Stress - Short, strong commands often make powerful headlines.

Flyer Examples - the Words to Use in the Text

The body copy or text of an advertising flyer is where you stimulate further interest and create desire for your product or service. This is where you expand on how the service or product can benefit the reader. Choose your words carefully and keep the sentences short and sharp - bullet points work well. Here is a list of good words used in flyer examples.

approved, guaranteed, proven, genuine all provide assurance about the product/service and remove the fear of the unknown

bargain, save, value, budget-wise, low cost, unbeatable value - people always want to get something at a good price

simple, easy, trouble-free, quick, fast, instant - people want a quick solution or improvement that demands little effort.

personalized, custom, just for you, choose create the impression that the service or product is aimed specifically to the reader

quality, superior, premium, best, exclusive, amazing, magic, extraordinary - people are looking for something special for their money

Motivate the Reader

You want the reader to take action as soon as possible. "Call to action" phrases include Don't wait, Don't miss out, Save now, Limited opportunity, One chance to, Act now, Call today, Offer expires, Hurry, Do it today, Contact us, Start now, Find out more, Pick up the phone, Act fast.
Special offers, free gifts and discounts encourage the reader to hang on to the flyer.

Use these flyer examples to create an effective flyer that grabs attention, stimulates interest, creates desire and motivates the reader to take action.

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Optimize your Flyers

  • Carefully target your potential customers both geographically and demographically
  • Your product, service and message determines your potential market
  • Focus on how your product or service benefits the reader
  • Create a flyer that speaks directly to your potential customer
  • Include special offers or discounts to increase response
  • Always include a Call to Action statement to tell the reader what to do next

Flyer examples and tips

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