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Dog Walking Insurance

What insurance and licenses are needed for a dog walking business?

dog walking insurance

Dog walking insurance is a specialized insurance that protects the dog walker against loss, liability and injury.

This insurance should cover every aspect of your dog walking service from collecting the dog from the pet owner's home to actually walking the dog. It is very necessary and will cover you if a dog gets involved in an accident, gets injured or if the dog itself causes damage or harm while in your care. These are some practical guidelines regarding insurance, business licenses and regulations that can impact on your dog walking business.

What does dog walking insurance cover?

  • Bodily injury. A dog can escape and suddenly dart off while you are walking. The dog could knock someone over, bite someone or jump up and injure someone.This insurance would cover you against the cost of any damages or injury. If the dog attacks another dog the insurance covers any medical expenses incurred.
  • Property damage. Dog walking insurance would cover you if the dog caused damage to any property while in your care such as tearing someone's clothing or chewing the pet owner's carpet. Should the dog break free from its leash and run across a busy road causing an accident, damage to the cars involved are covered by a comprehensive dog walking insurance policy.
Taking out dog walking insurance makes good sense - it is fairly economical and easily purchased. It will protect you against claims that the dog owners and general population may bring against you if the dog in your care harms or injures an individual, property or another animal.

Where can this insurance be purchased?

You can do a quick search on the internet and find a policy which meets your particular needs in your area. Do some research and get different quotes to find the best policy for you. It is a good idea to apply for membership to Pet Sitters International or the National Association of Professional Petsitters, two national organizations for the industry. Their websites have links to many different insurance providers you can use.

Does a dog walking business need a business license?

Many city, county and state governements require business owners to register their small business and get a business license. Go to Small Business License to find out about licenses for your dog walking business. Find out whether your city/county requires you to apply for a special permit for your dog-walking business.

What other regulations should I be aware of?

Many areas have a leash law, pet waste regulations and a noise ordinance. As a dog walker you will have to make sure you know about these regulations. Some open areas such as parks require commerical dog walkers to pay for a permit to walk dogs there.

When starting a dog walking service it is essential to have the right dog walking insurance and licenses in place. Pet owners will regard you as a serious professional if you have followed all the right steps and will feel confident about entrusting their dogs to your care.

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dog walking insurance

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Why starting a dog walking service is a good home business idea

  • Fun, interesting and financially rewarding
  • Low start up costs
  • Little special education or experience required
  • Growing demand for this service
  • Once you have an established client base you will have a solid business
  • An established client base means you don't have to constantly look for new clients
  • Get exercise and stay healthy while making money
  • The more hours you work the greater the rewards

Dog walking is a fun way of making money from home

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