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dog walking business

A dog walking business can be a fun and profitable home business.

A professional dog walker takes clients' dogs for regular walks, either one dog at a time or a few dogs together. Pet care services such as dog walking are a growing industry and offer good home business income opportunities.
A key component of correct dog pet care and good pet behavior is regular exercise.

Many families have hectic schedules and are away from home all day so a dog walking service provides a much-needed solution to their dog care needs.

What skills and abilities are needed to start a dog walking business?

The only real requirements are a good rapport with animals, a genuine affection for dogs and the physical stamina to walk the dogs. Most people are able to handle a dog walking service - you don't have to be an animal expert. The important things are to be responsible, reliable and commited to your routine. You will only make money walking dogs if you establish a solid client base and are prepared to put in a suitable number of hours every day. Although there are no formal training requirements for becoming a dog walker it is advisable to learn what you can about dog behavior, dog care, health and safety. This can be achieved by reading the right books from the library, researching relevant internet sites and getting out there with the dogs! With experience comes expertise.

Advantages of a dog walking business

  • Low start up costs. The start up costs are minimal. You may have to buy a few good quality leashes and some pooper scoopers and bags. Purchasing dog walking insurance is advisable and you will also have some advertising and marketing costs to promote your dog walking service. Resources for finding Dog Walking Jobs
  • Healthy and fun. Dog walking provides good exercise for you! You can enjoy yourself with the dogs and get paid for it.
  • Profit potential. There is a growing demand for dog walkers. Your expenses are limited and, depending on how many dogs you walk a day, a reasonable income can be made. Dog walking fees vary greatly from state to state and city to city. The national average for dog walking appears to be between $15 to $20 for a half hour. In some cities this can go up to as much as $40. You can maximize your income by collecting several dogs (a manageable number is usually 3-5 dogs per group) and doing group walks. There is also the potential to expand your business into other areas of pet care.
  • Convenient hours. Your dog walking will take place mostly during the day while the pet owners are out at work. You can schedule the actual hours that you would like to work around your family life or other commitments.

Disadvantages of a dog walking business

  • A set routine. You have to walk the clients' dogs even if the weather is bad, you are are not feeling energetic or something else is going on. You will have a set routine that you have to stick to. The fastest way to lose business is to not meet your regular commitments.
  • Difficult dogs. Some dogs can be a real challenge to walk and keep under control! One way to make sure you don't take on an impossible dog is to meet the dog first before you commit. Check out how well he or she responds to commands and how well socialized he or she is. Stray dogs can pose another problem but some training in how to deal with them can help manage the problem. However dealing with difficult dogs does require patience and empathy.
  • Difficult pet owners. Some dog owners can be demanding and provide lists of do's and dont's for their dogs. As a dog walker you will have to display patience and understanding when dealing with them.
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dog walking business

Start a dog walking service and set off on the road to success!

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Why dog-walking is a good home business idea

  • Fun, interesting and financially rewarding
  • Low start up costs
  • No special education or experience required
  • Growing demand for this service
  • Once you have an established client base you will have a solid business
  • An established client base means you don't have to constantly look for new clients
  • Get exercise and stay healthy while making money
  • The more hours you work the greater the rewards

Dog walking is a simple way of making money from home

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