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The best ideas and suggestions for craft shows

craft show tips

We have collected some great craft show tips from experienced crafters. Creative and cost effective craft show ideas that will set your display apart and attract the customers you want.

  • Create a theme
    craft show display Having a theme for your craft show display can make your display very appealing to customers. You can achieve this in a number of ways. Set up your crafts to center around a season, around a particular decade, a rustic theme, a beach theme, a musical theme, a vintage theme. The list is endless. Create your theme using appropriate props. Old long-playing records and defunct musical instruments can be picked up for virtually nothing, shells and driftwood are free, so are dried autumn leaves! Just be careful not to loose your crafts in your themed display. The focus should be on your product with the props providing a background for your display.

  • Covering your table
    craft show tips Use your imagination to find affordable but interesting covers for your craft table. Are you selling handmade crafts and want a rustic look for your display? Using sacks to cover your table will create a wonderful rustic, organic feel. Reed beach mats can create the same effect. Get some nice fabric and if you can't sew then use fabric tape to fold the edges over to create a finished look. Check clearance bolts. Flat bed sheets can sometimes be cheaper than fabric. You can use a fabric runner, a lace table cloth or a length of wall paper over the sheet. Keep your color scheme simple and not a distraction from your crafts. Use weights to keep you cover in place.

  • Signage
    craft show ideas Here are some creative and cost-effective craft show tips for signage. Applique fabric letters to the the skirt of your tablecloth. Use a free standing blackboard - that way you can constantly update your message. Use an unusual picture frame with backing board to list your prices. Hang brightly colored bunting, each with a different letter, to spell out your crafts. You can create your own bunting using scraps of fabric.

  • Use your business cards
    Make your own business cards. Craft show tips include using them for earring cards, hair accessory cards, clothing labels and price tags. Any sale you make is also a marketing opportunity!
  • How to hang crafts
    craft show displays A garden trellis can be used to display jewelry. Old picture frames or wooden trays can be used to display jewelry by stringing ribbon or picture wire across. Folding wooden laundry racks can be used to display items such as aprons and linens. Secure the items with clothes pins to create a homespun feel. Set up a clothesline at the back of your booth to hang scarves from. Find some nicely shaped and sturdy tree branches. Stick them into old cans or buckets filled with wet plaster to create a tree display to hang jewelry and other items from. You can spray paint the branches and cover the plaster with pebbles. Paint,cover or decorate the cans and buckets for a great effect. Alternatively varnish the branch and secure it in a block of wood.

  • Create shelving cheaply
    Two old ladders placed a short distance apart with inexpensive pine boards resting on the rungs between make great shelves. Alternatively open the step ladder wide and place planks across the steps to create shelves. You can use a step ladder to hang your folded quilts or scarves on. craft show display
  • Create different levels
    Use display risers to create different heights for your display. Flat rows of crafts look uninteresting and unappealing. Use boxes or wood blocks nicely wrapped in attractive paper for risers or spray paint paver bricks. Small pretty pillows can be used to place jewelry and accessories on. An old step stool painted and placed on top of your craft table creates instant shelving and gives your display dimension. Some even have storage space where you can keep extra products.

  • More craft show tips
    craft show ideas Put a fun bowl filled with wrapped candy on your table. It makes you seem friendly and keeps the kids busy while mum browses! A bouquet of flowers always gets attention. Small mirrors put under the base of your crafts reflect the item from a different angle and catch the light to create a sparkling effect. Paint or cover a long paint roller and use it to display your bracelets. Use an old highchair to hang baby items on. Use old picture frames that you can pick up cheaply. Decorate the frame. Remove the glass and picture and replace it with netting to hang earrings on.

  • Money keeping Using a money belt is both convenient and secure. You can either find an attractive one to wear over your clothes or hide it under your clothing.

Craft show tips to help you make a success of your craft show display and make the sales you want. Find more good craft show display ideas below.

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Craft Shows

  • A fun and profitable way to sell your crafts
  • Network and conect with other crafters for a great learning experience
  • Create a craft show display that draws people in
  • Be excited and enthusiastic about your product
  • Keep a data base of potential and existing customers for future marketing opportunities

Turn your homemade crafts into income with craft show tips and advice

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