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How to be successful at craft fairs

craft show ideas

Craft show ideas for creating an attractive craft fair booth and making the sale! Your craft fair booth is the first impression potential cutomers have of you and your crafts. You have a few seconds to make sure they stop and look at your display.

Use these practical tips on setting up your craft show booth.

  • Your signage. This is the first communication you have with the customer.Your signs should provide product information and price information as well as grab the attention of people walking by. Put yourself in the customer's shoes - what would make you stop at a craft booth? What would you want a sign to tell you? Create signs that clearly and quickly communicate this key information. Basic principles of successful signage for craft show ideas include keeping it short and simple, keep the style in line with the theme of your craft display and make sure it can be easily read.
  • Put your table at the right height. Most tables are too low for viewing comfort. Raise your table up so that it is more comfortable for people to look at your crafts. Avoid tables that are too wide - this makes it difficult for customers to reach items at the back of the table. Tables that are about two feet wide are usually good for displaying crafts.
  • Easy access and traffic flow. People must be able to easily reach your display and move freely around it. Setting up you craft show display using a "L" or "U" shape helps with the natural flow of traffic.
  • Bring the right amount of product. Try to get an idea of the number of people who attend the craft show. Bring more than you intend to sell. An empty booth impacts negatively on sales. You can store extra merchandise under your tables if you cover the table with top to bottom fabric. You may not know what the big selling items are going to be so bring as diverse a selection of your merchandise as possible. Make sure you have business cards and any promotional hand outs available for follow-up business.
  • Keep it neat and uncluttered. A well organized display presents the crafts in a good light. Piles of crafts messily displayed reduces the perceived value of the merchandise. It is important that your craft fair booth is completely set up before the show begins.
  • Pricing and payments. Credit cards are commonly accepted at craft shows and it is usually to your advantage to accept credit cards. If you are just getting started this may not be possible but as soon as you can you should get a merchant credit card set-up for your small business. For checks make sure you get the person's Drivers License number and contact number. Display all your crafts with prices clearly marked - people do not like to have to ask "How much is this?"
  • Bring along a helper. Craft shows while fun can also be exhausting. Bring someone who can help you in the booth. This also allows you to go the bathroom and get something to eat and drink without missing customers.
  • Edcuate and inform about your craft. People like to see a craftsperson working in the booth. If this isn't posisble then make sure you explain your craft to customers. Encourage questions. Craft show ideas include having colourful posters showing how your crafts are made.
  • Build a customer database. Ask customers to put their names on a mailing list. Handout your business card and promotional material.
  • Assess your craft show booth. You cannot effectively assess your craft fair booth from behind your display. Walk out of your booth and approach it from different directions to see what it looks like.

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Craft shows are a great opportunity to sell your crafts.

craft show ideas

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About Craft Shows

  • Selling at craft fairs can be fun and exciting
  • Customers enjoy connecting with the crafters
  • Meet other crafters and artists
  • An opportunity to network with other crafters
  • Share ideas and advice
  • Get creative with your craft fair booth

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