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Craft Show Displays

How to set up a craft fair booth that attracts customers

craft show displays

Create craft show displays that make the sale! Use your imagination, some creativity and marketing savvy to sell your crafts successfully at craft shows.

The ideas are limitless, choose the right ones for your craft. Here are some useful tips and suggestions for setting up a winning craft fair booth.

    craft show displays
  • Create an interesting visual display. You want people to stop to look at your craft display. It must have strong visual appeal for this to happen. Make sure you find out the size and location of your craft fair booth ahead of time so that you can plan properly. Practice setting up the display beforehand and get it just right. If your crafts are small and not easily visible from a distance you can hang large posters with photos of your crafts at eye-level to attract people to your booth. Have an eye-catching sign that draws people in. Using a striking color for your craft show displays can also attract people from a distance. Just make sure the color suits the theme and style of your crafts. Hanging items up also catches the eye. This is easy for handbags, hats, scarves etc but don't assume your craft doesn't lend itself to hanging - homemade greeting cards can be hung from a line using clothespins!

  • craft show displays

  • Delineate your space. Using a canopy not only provides shelter but also defines your space. Be aware that the color of the canopy reflects into your craft fair booth and can change the appearance of the crafts on display. A neutral color is best. Make sure your crafts are accessible for people to look at and pick up. There should be enough space for customers to walk around freely. Setting up your craft show displays in an "L" or "U" shape encourages the natural flow of traffic. Covering your tables with fabric from top to floor allows you to store your merchandise underneath, out of the way. Use table cloth weights to prevent the cloth from moving around or blowing away!

  • craft show displays
  • Display your crafts as they would be used. Help people to visualise the crafts in their homes by showing how your craft is used. Highlight your craft's benefits. If you are selling homemade candles set up attractive themed displays such as for Christmas, a dinner party or as a focal point in a bathroom. If you are selling clothing or accessories make sure you and any helpers wear them and use a mannequin to display them. Jewelry can be presented as it would be worn - jewelry displays are affordable and add real value to your craft display.

  • craft show displays
  • Create different levels. Straight, flat rows of crafts can look boring. Use display risers to create different heights for your display. This also allows individual pieces to stand out as well as giving the whole craft show display a richer, more interesting feel. Risers can be bought from craft fair stores and online. Or make your own with wooden boxes or other objects covered with fabric. Create interest by using different types of display items - a beautiful vase or vintage statuette can be draped with jewelry, pearls can be draped around attractive seashells, an old fashioned tin can hold cards, a baby crib can be filled with homemade baby items, drape a quilt over an old sewing machine. Having items up at eye level always gets attention and makes for comfortable browsing

  • craft show displays
  • Show you crafts in the best possible way. Think about how to best present your crafts. Does your handmade silver jewelry look best on a black velveteen background or is it colorful and will look best on a white background? Perhaps the type of jewelry you make looks best when hanging from a display riser. Your organic homemade soaps may look best when presented in natural baskets and your Christmas candles when set against a Xmas themed background. Be aware when setting up craft show displays that patterned backgrounds can cause the crafts to "disappear".

  • craft show displays
  • Appeal to all the customer's senses. Make sure you get people's attention by capturing all their senses. If you are selling soaps have display samples that they can hold and smell as well as look at closely. Handmade soaps are often sold already packaged so make sure you have open samples available. Avoid elaborate craft show displays that discourage or make it difficult for cutomers to pick up and touch your crafts. Light your candles. If you are selling accessories or clothing have a mirror for people to look at things they try on.

  • Don't overcrowd your craft fair booth with merchandise. Too many crafts on display at once can be confusing and overwhelming. Piles of crafts also reduces the perceived value of the goods. Rather space out your crafts and create a distinctive, special feel.
The more energy and thought you put into setting up your craft show displays the more sales you are going to make. This is a challenging but fun opportunity to create something unique and special. Use our free guides to help you get the most out of selling at craft shows.

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craft show displays

Make money selling your homemade crafts at local craft shows. Create craft show displays that make the sale!

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About Craft Show Displays

  • Selling at craft fairs can be fun and exciting
  • A good craft fair booth fits with the image of your product
  • Create a set up that is easy to load and unload
  • Your display should highlight the benefits of your crafts
  • Draw customers to your craft show booth and then keep them there
  • Hunt around for cost effective display pieces
  • Practice setting up your craft fair booth to get your display just right

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