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Craft Show Display Ideas

How to create a great craft fair booth

Using the right craft show display ideas has a big impact on your success. An interesting and accessible display will get the attention of customers and entice them into your booth to buy your products.

Here are some good ideas for creating a winning craft show display.

Use colors and materials that enhance your crafts. Background colors should complement the product and not compete with it. Use colors that show the craft to its best advantage. Consider using something different to attract the customer's eye- a soft pink rose with handcrafted silver jewelry, wooden crates as a background for bright fun jewelry, sawn logs for natural homemade soaps.

craft show display ideas

Less is more. Valuable craft show display ideas include not cluttering your booth or table. If you fill your table with piles of products it is too much effort for customers to search through it all for something they actually want. If you provide too many different options people will often choose nothing. Create displays that clearly present the products in an attractive, accessible and practical way. Jewelry should be displayed as individual pieces, easy to get hold of and try on. Candles that are sorted by color make selection easy.

craft show display ideas

Display clothing items in context. Clothing items that are not dislayed as they are worn do not make much impact. Hang up dresses so that customers can see them properly, wear whatever you are selling. Use clothing display items such as mannequins or display busts to show off your products.

craft displays

craft display ideas

Signage Signs are an important communciation tool - they tell potential customers what your products are all about. Your sign should embody the essence of your product.

A blackboard makes a very practical sign! Apart from conveying the image of a genuine handmade or homemade product, you can update it to reflect promotional offers, seasonal and holiday craft products and sales as well as new product information.

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  • Selling at craft fairs can be fun and exciting
  • Customers enjoy connecting with the crafters
  • Meet other crafters and artists
  • An opportunity to network with other crafters
  • Share ideas and advice
  • Get creative with your craft fair booth

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