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Cleaning Service Names

Find the right name for your cleaning business

cleaning service names

Cleaning service names. Get creative and create a catchy cleaning business name that gets you noticed. Properly brand your cleaning service from the word go for success.

Take these steps to find the right name for your cleaning service.

  • Brainstorm words related to a cleaning service List all the words that come to mind when you think about cleaning. Use word associations so that when you think of clean what comes to mind? Probably words like sparkling, mop, bucket, pristine. When you think of sparkling what comes to mind - words like spotless, shiny, fresh, happy. Don't judge the words yet, just list as many as possible.
  • Use all the resources available When you run out of words use an online Thesuarus to help find new words. This is a great way to jump start words that you may not think of. Look up the word shiny and you get bright, glistening, gleaming, glossy, polished and brilliant.
  • What message do you want your cleaning service name to convey? What should your business name communicate about your cleaning service? What qualities set your cleaning business apart from the competition? What qualities should you highlight to your target market? What words define the type of service you are offering? Go through your list and highlight the words that best describe your cleaning service.
  • Try different combinations Try out different combinations of your highlighted words. What appeals to you. Which combination sends the right message about your cleaning service? Try out these possible cleaning service names on friends and family and see what sort of response you get. Once you have settled on a business name make sure it is easy to remember, easy to pronounce and properly represents your cleaning business. There is a list of potential cleaning service names below to get your creative juices flowing!

List of cleaning service names

  • These names highlight the pleasure of having a clean and tidy house without doing any of the dirty work.

    Angels Cleaning Service
    Maid in Heaven
    Hey Presto Cleaning
    Helping Hands
    Magic Moppers
    Magical Maids
    Marvelous Maids
    Genie in a Bucket
    Heavenly House Cleaners
    The Cleaning Wizard
    Maid to Order

  • These cleaning business names focus on the sensations associated with a sparkling clean home

    Lemon Fresh Cleaning
    Sparkling Homes
    Spic-n-Span Services
    Gleam and Glisten Cleaning
    Spotless Services
    Happy House Cleaners
    Sunshine Cleaning Service
    Rainbow Cleaners
    Bright and Beautiful Cleaning
    Spring Fresh Cleaning
    Loving Care Cleaners
    Heaven Scent House Cleaners

  • These business names emphasize convenience and efficiency

    The Clean Machine
    The Cleaning Crew
    The Clean Sweep
    EasyClean Services
    The Clean Team
    Cleaning Solutions
    The Gleam Team
    The Complete Cleaning Co
    The Maid Brigade
    The Dust Busters

  • These names underline the high quality of the cleaning service

    Premier Cleaning Service
    Prestige Cleaning
    Pristine Cleaning
    Classic Cleaning
    Specialist Cleaning Services
    Super Cleaners
    Polished to Perfection
    Elite Cleaning Service
    The Professional Cleaning Co
    The Cleaning Trust
    Select Cleaning Service

Highlight what differentiates your cleaning service in your business name. For example if you are only using eco-friendly and natural cleaning products then cleaning service names such as Green Cleaning, Safe and Sparkling Cleaning or All Natural Cleaning would highlight this.

Once you have selected a couple of possible business names you will need to register your final choice. Go to Register a New Business Name to find out how.

These are the considerations to keep in mind when you are naming your business at How to Name a Business.

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  • Minimal start-up costs - you can start a cleaning service with very little money
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House cleaning is a profitable and easy to start home business idea

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